Quality Policy

TCSENS SDN BHD is committed to provide products & services of the highest quality to our customers and keep up with the market demand by:


  1. Adopting positive attitude towards continual implementation, maintenance and improvement of our Quality Management System;
  2. Consistently meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectation for products and services quality and performance;
  3. Committed in satisfying applicable legal, statutory, certification bodies and other requirements;
  4. Continuously upgrading the skills and knowledge to ensure competency of our personnel;
  5. Being innovative, creative and at the forefront of the latest technologies;
  6. Timely delivery of products and services.


This policy shall be:

  • the framework for establishing and reviewing the COMPANY quality objectives;
  • Appropriate to the purpose and the context of the organization and support its strategic direction;
  • communicated and understood within the COMPANY and Interested Parties; and
  • review for continuing suitability during management review